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What is a firewall?

A firewall is a digital security device that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, deciding on what goes through based on a set of rules outlined by your network administrator. Think of it as a gatekeeper for your network – keeping an eye on who is coming in and out, making sure undesirables are stopped before they get inside. Firewall settings can be adjusted to meet each user’s security preferences, and firewall settings can be modified to allow for different settings with different users on a network. A firewall is an invaluable asset in your network protection arsenal, and the benefits of a strong firewall are extensive.

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What type of firewall do I need?

There are two primary options when choosing the best firewall solution – software and hardware. Software firewalls are cheaper and easier to set up and can be bought online or over the counter at an electronics shop. They’re usually more than enough for home users or very small businesses with just a handful of users. But they are limited by the fact that data has to make it all the way to your computer before it can be intercepted.

Alternatively, hardware firewalls are able to offer 24/7 protection against cyber attacks and malicious code. They involve adding extra hardware to your network but are capable of far more sophisticated filtering than software alternatives. These devices are far more complex and are best managed by IT support professionals.

How can a firewall enhance your cyber security?

  • Stop malicious attacks on your systems
  • Monitor network user activity
  • Control data flow in your networks
  • Remotely assign security settings on different machines within your network
  • Alert staff and administrators to potential threats, even if they’re unsuccessful

Why choose a strong firewall?

By choosing a strong firewall, you’re increasing the overall protection of your data and limiting the likelihood of successful cyber attacks. Your firewall will actively be looking for viruses, spam and phishing emails, and will be able to intercept them before they get inside. If your firewall spots something that’s potentially dangerous, it’ll be stopped and logged. Firewalls are also able to control access to certain websites, such as social media or adult content, and restrict how much of your bandwidth is being used for non-essential operations.

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