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Contact Triumph Technology for wireless systems that will deliver the speeds you need.

More offices are relying on wireless systems solutions to keep their workforce connected. It’s no longer just your desktop PCs either – networks include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart devices and more. This increased volume of devices can eat away at your bandwidth and render speeds unusable very quickly. Rather than incur the wrath of your employees, ensure that your WiFi connection is capable of handling everything that you throw at it. As your company grows, it might be time to expand your wifi network to cope with additional usage.

When setting up a wifi network to be used within your business, security is paramount. Using the latest encryption technology, we’ll ensure that your wifi network is as secure as possible.

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We can install a wireless system that will be:

  • Fast – we use high-quality enterprise level hardware from Cisco or Rukus.
  • Reliable – The systems are designed to be robust and run seamlessly in the background.
  • Scalable – The systems are modular and we can easily expand the range of the network.
  • Secure – All our wireless systems use the latest encryption technology.
  • Discrete – All connecting cables are run as covertly as possible, we know you don’t unsightly cables round your premises.

Pricing includes:  

  • Configuration and installation  
  • Cabling (based on 5 meters per point, everything over 5 meters will be £1 per meter)  
  • 12 months back to dealer warranty  
  • Free site survey


  • Loose laid cabling
  • Visible power cable
  • If you have just 1 point added, it may mean having separate SSIDs (network names)Add-ons:  PoE switch to hide power cables – £99
    Premium Installation (wall mounted, fully discrete cabling) by a cabling professional – £350

Triumph Wi-Fi – Premium

If you require more than five points, would like outdoor Wi-Fi or require the fastest hardware we offer, you need our premium offering. This can be specified during a free onsite visit by an engineer.

If you have any questions or aren’t sure which solution is best for you, contact us.

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