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Why choose Disaster Recovery Basic?

  • For total peace of mind that not only your data safe, but all of your software and settings too.
  • If you require fast system recovery times when a server or PC fail.

How does it work?

We load our backup software onto all the servers and PC’s that you want to protect. Every hour the software backs up the whole system, its very fast and only takes a few minutes. This backup is encrypted and sent to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) at your site. These backups are then organised by our software so that we can go back to any hourly point in time. Restoring data is simply a matter of browsing to the NAS, picking the time you want to restore from and selecting the files to restore.

What do you get with Disaster Recovery Basic?

  • Backup software for all devices that need to be backed up.
  • Onsite and offsite backup hardware to reflect your own disaster recovery requirements.
  • Solution installed by disaster recovery specialist