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Keep your data safe and choose an expert backup solution from Triumph Technologies

We know that your systems and their data are the backbones of your company and that a business continuity solution is essential to keep you running when a disaster occurs. Employing our decades of IT experience, we consider ourselves to be digital data recovery specialists, using a combination of backup solutions for business to keep our clients working.

In an ideal world, you’ll never need to access your data backup solutions. But today, with more and more sophisticated cyber attacks, even the best designed IT solutions can’t offer that assurance, so it is essential to have a comprehensive backup solution in place.  We feel so strongly about data safety that all support customers have to go through a backup sign off process to make sure that all parties are happy with the enterprise desktop backup solutions in place. We discuss the impact that data loss would have on your organisation, analyse the resources available for server backup solutions and help you to put a disaster recovery strategy in place.

Our backup solutions

Cloud backup solutions

Cloud backup solutions allow your data to be securely stored at an offsite location. Cloud backups are quick and easy to set up with no need to purchase additional equipment or find space in your office for backup solutions hardware.  We offer backups on our TTL Cloud system or to Amazon’s AWS S3 system.

Our cloud backup solutions are fully automated, giving your organisation peace of mind. Find out more about our Cloud Backup Basic.

Disaster Recovery Basic

Disaster Recovery Basic incorporates onsite and offsite enterprise backup solutions for fast, efficient recovery of your data.  It’s an ideal solution if fast recovery times after a PC or server failure are important to your business. One of our most popular network backup solutions, Disaster Recovery Basic is installed and monitored by one of our disaster recovery specialists.

Backup software is uploaded to all of the servers and machines within the business that need to be backed up. The whole system is then backed up hourly, taking only a few minutes, then encrypted and sent to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) at your site. This allows us to backup your system to a particular hour, offering fast and precise recovery of your data.

Triumph Over Disaster

Triumph Over Disaster (TOD) is our premier disaster recovery solution, offering the most comprehensive data protection for your organisation. It’s a fully managed service, taking the worry out of checking up on your servers. As well as full hourly backups of your entire system, you’ll also get all the software and hardware that you require for a single monthly fee.

In case of disaster, one of our recovery specialists will visit you onsite to ensure that you’re up and running as soon as possible. We’ll also bring along a spare server if yours failed, allowing you to get back to work faster.

Discover TOD 

Not sure what the best backup solution is for your business? Give us a call on 01844 261 555 to discuss your backup requirements with our disaster recovery experts.

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