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Transform your business with security solutions that protect your data. Triumph Tech offers expert cybersecurity solutions.

Triumph Technology is very proud of their legacy as cybersecurity consultants, protecting our customer’s IT assets from potential attacks. We offer different types of cybersecurity solutions to suit your business, but the focus is always the same – protecting your IT systems and keeping your data safe. We do this with a combination of preventative measures to avoid attacks and comprehensive recovery solutions to ensure limited downtime if you are the victim of a cyber attack. We’re constantly adapting and researching the latest threats and solutions to make sure that we’re always using the most up-to-date methods to protect your information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented on 25 May 2018, requires all businesses to take necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure a high level of information security within their organisations. Businesses that overlook their data protection responsibilities could now face huge fines as well. This legislation has only served to reinforce the importance of having the correct information security solutions in place for your company.

Antivirus protection for your business

Antivirus protection is paramount to your cybersecurity scheme in the digital age. With so much of our data transferred digitally, the potential for viruses to infiltrate our networks is huge and hackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to get access to your information.

We utilise Panda Adaptive Defense 360, a security suite that integrates endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions, with 100% Attestation and Threat Hunting and Investigation Services, all delivered via a single lightweight agent. Our clients have reported great successes when incorporating this software into their small business cybersecurity plan.

The combination of these solutions and services provides highly detailed visibility of all endpoint activity, absolute control of all running processes, and the reduction of the attack surface. In our experience, it has proved to be a flexible and cost-effective solution that is easy to use and adapts to your needs regardless of the size of your business or what platforms you use.

How can an antivirus software protect your business?

  • Constantly updated digital protection, with easy remote updates
  • Cost effective and easily scalable protection
  • 24/7 monitoring of all systems
  • Centrally managed antivirus software takes the responsibility away from individual staff members for protecting their hardware

Security Solutions

Use firewalls for comprehensive threat prevention

Simply put, a firewall works to scan information coming into your private network or computer system to detect potential security risks. If an incoming packet of information is flagged by the filters, it is not allowed through. The administrator of your network can control what comes and goes through your firewall, dependent on the nature of your business and the security settings attributed to each individual connected to the network.

Without a firewall, every computer connected to your network is a potential portal for a hacker to gain access to your systems. A firewall also gives a company tremendous control over how people use their network.

How can a firewall enhance your cyber security?

  • Stop malicious attacks on your systems
  • Monitor network user activity
  • Control data flow in your networks
  • Remotely assign security settings on different machines within your network
  • Alert staff and administrators to potential threats, even if they’re unsuccessful

Choosing the right cybersecurity solutions for you

When a new client signs up to our support services, one of the first steps is to perform a full security audit. This allows us to identify any gaps in the existing security infrastructure and identify any potential threats, as well as understanding how you currently protect your business. Using this information, we can identify the most effective cybersecurity strategy for your business.

We also encourage common sense cybersecurity within organisations and are happy to discuss this further with staff. Simple things like regularly changing passwords and not writing them down can make a huge difference to the overall security of your company! Keeping your data safe should be everyone’s first priority.

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