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What is Hosted RDS?

Hosted RDS gives you the ability to access your software from any computer with an internet connection. You access the software through a Remote Desktop Connection.

Who would benefit from Hosted RDS?

Anyone who is looking at replacing or upgrading their in-house servers would benefit from Hosted RDS. Why invest all your money in new servers when you can simply rent them on our robust cloud infrastructure?

What do you get with Hosted RDS?

  • Latest version of Microsoft Office including – Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Info Path and Communicator
    *On request we can provide you with a previous version if the newest one is too radical.
  • 50GB of file storage – we can set permissions in any way you like so users can only access the files that they should.
  • Access your LOB (Line of business) software from anywhere – if you use a program such as Sage or ACT we can install this onto our Cloud for you, providing you access to this from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Fully managed backups – never think about backups again, we manage it all.
  • Fully evergreen – Always run the latest version of Office and Server Operating system, all upgrades are included and managed by us.
  • Supported by our excellent help desk service.

Check out a video demoing our Hosted RDS: