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What is cloud computing (in simple terms)?

The Cloud is a term that describes accessing a program or service across the internet, rather than from the device that you’re using. It’s really as simple as that! While cloud computing has really increased in popularity over recent years, it’s not a new phenomenon. We’ve been accessing our emails from the cloud since the 90s in the form of email websites like Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo. So you’re probably familiar with the cloud computing basics already! The team at Triumph Technologies pride themselves on being experts in cloud computing – being early adopters of many types of cloud computing – so you’re in safe hands.

Cloud solutions technology allows you to access data and services on servers all over the world almost instantaneously. It’s convenient and cost-effective. Market leaders Amazon, Microsoft and Google run their own Cloud service, allowing users to write documents, create spreadsheets and access their emails from anywhere with an internet connection. All of this is done without installing any additional software onto your PC or laptop, saving on software and hardware costs.

Cloud computing can offer tailored solutions for your business that adapt to your ever-changing needs. You can add users, change operations and grow organically with minimal disruption. It’s also possible to scale back your operations in the short term and save money!

Cloud Solutions

How cloud computing can help your business

The way we work is changing. We’re no longer chained to a desk from 9 til 5 and many companies are choosing remote working and flexible timing. Remember the Cloud doesn’t care where you are, or who’s computer you are using. You can access your server from anywhere, meaning that you’re only a few seconds away from logging on and doing business.

Cloud computing is also changing the way that we back up our data. Goodbye to tapes and USB sticks – your information is now stored safely in a data centre and accessible where you need it, when you need it.

Cloud computing is an increasingly cost-effective option for businesses to consider. For example, Microsoft’s Office 365 service comes in at around £10 per person per month – a huge saving compared to purchasing the full software suite for each user. Cloud software is also “evergreen”, this means you always have the latest and most secure version of a system that is available.

Cloud services are well maintained and securely stored so uptime is often higher than running the service in house yourself.

So where is this Cloud then?

When you use the Cloud your emails, files and other data are stored on your provider’s data centres. These are huge banks of computers that can store literally millions of files. Whether you are using Microsoft, Amazon or Google as your supplier, your data is in their (very secure) hands!

Data centres are now in most countries across the world so pinning down exactly where your data lives is nearly impossible – and it’s not particularly relevant, as the likelihood is that it’s also backed up at multiple other data centres around the world.

Welcome to The Cloud

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