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Our business telephony hosted VOIP system offers business enterprise level functionality without the corresponding price tag

Business telephone systems are changing, bringing higher quality and lower cost systems into the reach of many businesses. Hosted VOIP is a cloud-based phone system that converts voice calls into data and transmits them over the internet instead of the traditional method of sending the signal directly down your phone line. It’s the perfect small business telephone system, offering all the functionality of a traditional office-based phone system, but with the flexibility to expand and utilise digital features without adding expensive hardware.

An internet-based phone system is an ideal business telephone solution for any company that wants high-quality phone access from anywhere that they access the internet. Maintenance and upgrades can be performed remotely, putting an end to interruptions to business and waiting for on-site engineer visits.

Business Telephony

Thinking about going over to a VOIP system?

Our first step is always to establish how many users that your telephone system will need. Don’t worry – if you need further handsets and numbers going forward, it’s easy to expand your network and there is no contract! We will then test your broadband connection to ensure that it can handle your proposed user volume consistently. Trying to operate VoIP over an insufficient connection leads to dropped calls and poor connection quality. Our team will be on hand throughout the setup process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They have many years of VOIP phone for business experience and can answer any questions that arise.

The Triumph Technologies HVS Hosted VoIP System

The Triumph Technologies HVS Hosted VoIP system provides high quality and secure hosted VoIP calls designed specifically for the small- to medium-sized business. The platform is one of the world’s most popular business telephone solutions and is now trusted by more than 60,000 businesses across the UK.

With a Triumph HVS business telephony system you can enjoy:

  • Simple pricing with a fixed monthly fee per handset.
  • Flexibility – add and remove users as you need to with a rolling 30-day contract for each handset.
  • Choice of hardware – choose from wireless, desktop, meeting room or executive phones. All hardware comes with cutting-edge HD voice quality.
  • Advanced replacement – next-day delivery on replacement phones.
  • Generous minutes – 5,000 minutes per handset aggregated across your account, including 01, 02, 03 and 07 numbers.
  • Enterprise functions like unlimited hunt groups, auto attendants, voicemail, click to dial, Outlook integration, call recording and much more.
  • Full support and maintenance from the Triumph Technologies team.
  • Enterprise security – built-in business and disaster recovery with call rerouting.
  • Reliable and robust platform with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Please contact us to discuss which options are best for your business.

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