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Why does a WordPress site need managing?

It maybe that you just want someone to update your website content from time to time, but there are other good reasons to have your WordPress site keenly managed.

The main reason for this is to ensure that they stay secure. Installing the correct set of plugins and making sure that those plugins are up to date is the best defend against website attacks. Not to mention making sure that your core WordPress version is the most current.

Keeping WordPress up to date will also ensure the visitor experience is at its best and the site loads quickly. It is also important to take backups of your website just in case your website gets compromised or your web host has an issue.

What do you get for your management fee?

  • Content updates – we will update content on your site for you.
  • Weekly website backups.
  • Website up time monitoring – we will be notified if your site goes offline.
  • Daily core WordPress update.
  • Daily update of all plugins.
  • Cloudflare – We will implement the Cloudflare platform for you which dramatically improves website performance and security
  • Monthly security check – we use plugins to make sure your site is best protected from hackers. We will check these manually every month to make sure you are still protected.
  • WordPress support – We will help you update your site if you want to do this yourself.
  • Google Analytics setup – Allows you to track visitors to your site.