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Ranging from basic broadband to super-fast leased lines, we have broadband deals that will meet your business needs.

We know it all too well – when the broadband stops working, so does your office. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have the best business broadband setup for your company. Triumph Technologies is proud to be an independent broadband supplier and to set the highest standard for the services that we provide.

In the simplest terms, business broadband is no different than your home broadband – it gives you access to exactly the same internet. But while loss of service on your home broadband can be annoying – especially if you’re in the middle of streaming your favourite TV show – loss of your business broadband can mean losing money. By choosing an independent broadband provider, it’s possible to tailor your services to your needs and avoid paying for some of the unnecessary extras that larger companies bundle in.

Every business, regardless of its size, will require certain things from their broadband service. You need your connection to be secure, fast and reliable. The optimum speed and capacity for your business will depend on the number of users that you have and what the connection is used for – we’ll find this out and more when our team of experts assess your current set up in order to compare broadband options and recommend the best broadband deals for you. Once we’ve established what you need from your broadband, then we can get you connected. Once your connection is in place, we offer ongoing local support.

Because we offer a broad range of broadband business solutions, we can grow alongside your company. This ensures that you’ll always maintain the best speeds and accessibility, even when you move offices, build your team or change your hardware setup. We understand that no two businesses are the same and that it’s unlikely that an off the shelf solution will be the perfect fit.

With so many services now in the cloud, many businesses cannot afford internet downtime. We can offer failover services on all our connections to ensure your business can continue running in these situations, with minimal disruption.

Fully supported and installed by the Triumph team our connections are reliable and secure. We offer the following connectivity options:

  • Broadband
  • Fibre broadband (FTTC) – akin to BT Infinity
  • Fibre broadband (FTTP) – similar to Virgin cable
  • EFM – Bundled broadband for when fibre is not available in your area.
  • 3G / 4G connectivity – For mobile phones, remote workers, satellite offices and locations where normal broadband is not available.
  • Trifi – A fully managed, portable 4G router.
  • Leased lines – For when your business requires super-fast internet with the highest possible SLA

*Connectivity options vary based on your location.

Want to know more and find out which Broadband Services are best for you? Find the best cheap broadband deal for your business by giving us a call on 01844 261 555 or completing the enquiry form via the link below.

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