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We’re taking a look at next-generation antivirus and how it can keep your business safe.

The headlines are riddled with stories about the failure of cybersecurity methods, whether it’s big companies failing to keep their customer’s personal details safe or security breaches that result in lost information and working hours. Owners of businesses large and small are looking for the most effective and cost-efficient antivirus security solutions to protect themselves from online threats. This has given rise to next gen antivirus (NGAV) technology, which uses advanced techniques to secure your network.

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What is next generation antivirus?

Next-generation antivirus uses more advanced techniques than traditional solutions to secure your data and protect your network from attacks. We’re increasingly finding that traditional signature-based anti-virus solutions are lacking the power to combat today’s flood of evasive malware. Today’s attackers are using new techniques that bypass traditional antivirus software. Traditional antivirus relies on a frequently updated signature database to identify potential threats. Hackers today are increasingly turning to non-file-based attacks, which aren’t detected until it’s too late.

Next generation antivirus is more proactive, using behavioural AI to analyse the potential threat of incoming files. By analysing files, processes, applications, and network connections, NGAV builds up a constantly developing picture of the network environment and can identify and block attackers without the presence of malicious files. By detecting minute changes in files, registries and networks, NGAV can uncover malicious activity hidden in plain sight. Modern attacks on networks are multi-stage, personalized, and significantly higher risk – and antivirus solutions are just not up to the job.

Traditional antivirus agents perform repeated scans on your data to ensure that no malicious files have managed to make their way onto your network. These recurring scans can be a pain for end users, as their productivity is impacted while they’re happening. Next-gen solutions don’t require these scans, so the loss of productivity is no longer a concern.

NGAV and Triumph Technology

Aware of the changing threat landscape, we use Panda Adaptive Defence 360 as our next-gen antivirus agent. The lightweight and responsive suite of applications integrates Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions for comprehensive protection.

Panda Adaptive Defence 360 constantly monitors all of your applications, learns the behaviour of your network users and is constantly evolving the way that it detects malware and potential threats. We’re convinced that it is quite simply one of the best next antivirus applications on the market right now.

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