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Knowing the differences is important so you can ensure you seek the right service.

Your data is precious and we know that you’re doing your best to keep it protected. But sometimes accidents happen, and that’s when we’re grateful to have backup and disaster recovery protocols in place. Knowing the difference between these two – and planning accordingly – is essential to keeping your information safe and your business running.

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So what is the difference between backup and disaster recovery?

Simply put, backup is making regular copies of your data at planned intervals. How often you back up your data depends on the nature of your business, and how much information you can bear to lose in the event of a disaster.  We feel so strongly about data safety that all support customers have to go through a backup sign off process to make sure that all parties are happy with how often backups are occurring.

Your best backup solution is determined by the nature of your data and your budget. Cloud backup solutions allow your data to be securely stored at an offsite location. Cloud backups are quick and easy to set up with no need to purchase additional equipment or find space in your office for backup solutions hardware.

Disaster recovery is your plan for getting your business back up and running, restoring your essential IT environment if it has been compromised. Putting together a backup and disaster recovery policy is an important part of your company’s IT strategy – don’t wait until everything goes wrong to think about how to make it right again!

Creating your disaster recovery plan

The first step in creating your disaster recovery plan is identifying what key systems are required to keep your business running in the event of an incident that takes your normal infrastructure offline. This could be a threat to your hardware, such as a flood or fire, or a malicious cyber attack.

Disaster recovery solutions can take many forms, ranging from restoring systems from backups to a system that automatically takes over when the primary system is lost. The backup solution is best suited to systems that don’t need to be online quickly and your business could lose some data without devastating consequences. The automated solution is appropriate for something like an e-commerce company where the loss of availability has a major financial effect on the business, but unfortunately, it comes with a much higher price tag.

Our plans

Disaster Recovery Basic incorporates onsite and offsite enterprise backup solutions for fast, efficient recovery of your data.  It’s an ideal solution if fast recovery times after a PC or server failure are important to your business. One of our most popular network backup solutions, Disaster Recovery Basic is installed and monitored by one of our disaster recovery specialists.

Triumph Over Disaster (TOD) is our premier disaster recovery solution, offering the most comprehensive data protection for your organisation. It’s a fully managed service, taking the worry out of checking up on your servers. As well as full hourly backups of your entire system, you’ll also get all the software and hardware that you require for a single monthly fee.

Find the right backup and disaster recovery solution for your business.

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